Helene Shephard

Sales Consultant


Helene Shephard is a renowned local agent that has been serving the industry since 2007.

The value Helene brings to you as your agent is significant and proven.

Her award winning combination of industry knowledge, local and regional community involvement and exceptional customer service are her key ingredients to continued, successful client relations. As a buyer or a seller you will be afforded respect, education, trust and professionalism.

Helene’s statement attributes will proactively assist with the biggest decision in your life.

Helene has a passion for service and results… simple really.

Helene understands that one of the core foundations to a great cities past, present and secure future, is growth. Helene’s Real Estate results ensure that the growth is continued.

You are the future of Ipswich. Ipswich is your future.

Service is Everything. Trust is Earnt!