David Kerr

Business Development


As a landlord, changing your real estate agent might be one of those things you’d rather not face, and, after all, aren’t all property managers the same anyway? They find a tenant, collect the rent and pay the bills. Not necessarily.

Spare David a few moments and he’ll explain why First National Real Estate Albany’s property management team makes all the difference.

‘Property managers are sometimes perceived law enforcers on a battlefield between landlord and tenant. That’s unfortunate, unnecessary, and misunderstands the true value a motivated property manager can bring to the equation’ says David

When an agency is committed to quality, it needs a management structure that includes the role of business development, and that is exactly the role that David Kerr fulfils at First National Real Estate Albany.

As winner of the Albany Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s “Young Business Person of the Year Award”, David came to the early recognition of his business peers for his managerial abilities.

He comes to First National with over 20 years working in the professional sports coaching industry - So you might consider that David understands competition, as well as how to be commercially competitive.

Born and bred locally and having grown up in Albany within a real estate family, David’s understanding of the property market is both intuitive and strategic.

This contributes to a streamlined customer experience as well as market-leading results, time after time.

So, if you’re looking for a progressive real estate agent backed by a company that is committed to quality outcomes for customers, call David at First National Real Estate Albany today.