Matthew Harvey

National Growth Manager & Chief Auctioneer


Matthew Harvey fulfills the role of National Business Growth Manager and Chief Auctioneer, a demanding assignment that plays a pivotal role in the growth of both the network and every member’s real estate agency.

He coordinates a national team of Business Growth Managers, accountable for advising the network’s membership on customer service, business planning, marketing, products and technologies.

As Chief Auctioneer, Matthew directs the network’s weekly Sydney auction services and delivers auction training nationwide. His knowledge of auction and real estate practice, database management as well as online marketing systems is highly respected, as is his capacity to deliver on the needs of the network’s multiple governance bodies – state and territory Regional Councils.

Liaising across the national administration’s various departments, Matthew helps members and their staffs extract the full benefit of First National's systems, with product development, training, face-to-face support, and trouble shooting. His first-hand experience of First National Real Estate, as the son of a long-term member, drives a level of understanding and tenacity that is essential within a member-based organisation.