Ray Ellis

Chief Executive Officer


Ray Ellis is an Australian businessman and CEO of the First National Real Estate network.

During Ray’s tenure, the network has undergone an almost complete revolution of its product and service offering, developed industry leading internet marketing technologies, dramatically altered its corporate culture, arrested years of financial losses and returned to a position of growth.

These products and services have attracted recognition from the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), the Cannes International Festival and many other leading organisations. This has delivered to the network’s agent’s greater efficiency and business growth.

In 2019, First National launched a comprehensive package of marketing designed to communicate with the ‘Social Media’ generation. This generation places greater emphasis on obtaining information when and how they want it, which has severely disrupted traditional methods of marketing and news delivery. This quantum leap further enhances the reputation of First National agencies - making each one the local expert, combined with a distribution channel that fits with today’s consumer.

The above is an indication of how Ray Ellis is recognised for his capacity to understand the challenges of the ever-changing business world, specialising in member-based organisations, delivering growth and financial returns for all stakeholders today - whilst simultaneously future proofing the organisation for further sustainable growth in the future.

Ray Ellis in 2013, 2014 & 2015 was a Director on the Board of the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) and returned to that Directorship in March 2019.